Pathway Educational Directories
The Pathway Educational Directories are comprehensive reference books for the benefit of the student communities across the globe.

The directories contain a vast database of valuable resources on matters relating to education across various states of India and across the globe. Data and information have been organized for easy identification of school, college or any educational institution, city wise and category wise covering all academic fields of education.

The Directories are packed with useful information that will be useful to any parent, educator and student to take important decisions that will shape the future of their children/students, the way they want it.

The Pathway Educational Directories serve as friends in need as they have been made as user friendly as possible. They are reference guides to give information to the user whenever needed.

Special care has also been taken to verify all facts and information before presenting them in the Directories so that the users truly benefit to the full.

At Pathway we are entirely devoted to supporting the improvement of Quality Education at all levels. The Pathway Educational Directories are a sincere attempt to attain this end.

We earnestly hope that the Directories will come in handy to all connected with the education world.
Pathway State Directories
Pathway has introduced its various State Educational directories, dedicated to providing information and awareness about various programs and courses of Higher Education available as a welcome blessing to the students of the various states across India, who are keen to access information they need quickly and easily.

All the various state directories have proven as a boon to students and parents in spotting the right educational career path, the right educational institution and help them take the right decision so that the young student is able to pursue a Life path of his choice.

Pathway has already introduced the Educational directories for Delhi & NCR, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, all of which have proven to be a runaway success.

Pathway will continue to provide the education world with useful and valuable information to enhance one’s quality of Life.
All India B – Schools
Delhi & NCR
Madhya Pradesh